Can Hamsters Eat Strawberries

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Is it Safe for Dwarf Hamsters to Have Strawberry Tops?

We all know that strawberries are delicious, sweet, and great for our health. We now wonder if hamsters too can eat strawberries and how many can they have. People also ask how often hamsters can eat strawberries.

The answer to the first question is yes, hamsters can have strawberries but in very little quantity. Read along as we explain why. This article contains a complete guide on strawberries for hamsters. It answers most of the frequently asked questions. 

Strawberry Nutritional Facts

Although strawberry is low in calories, they are packed with minerals and vitamins, including antioxidants that help keep the cells working in good condition.

With one cup-serving of strawberries, you get 1mg copper, 7mg magnesium, 6mg manganese, 1ng vitamin B6, 7mg vitamin C, 6mg phosphorus, 6mg folate, 220mg potassium, 6mg iron, and 2mg vitamin K.

Strawberry Nutrition Stats 

Strawberry has a high nutritional value; it is one of the fruits that contain low calories. Yet, strawberry offers you satisfaction when you eat them.

One cup-serving of strawberries contains approximately 9g fiber, 4g fat, 1g protein, 1g carbohydrates, and 46 calories. 

Can Hamsters Eat Strawberries?

The vital question people often ask is whether hamsters can have strawberries, too since it offers so many nutritional values. Just like we answered earlier, yes, they can, but it should be in small quantities.

This is because, as nutritional as strawberries are, even with less sugar, yet you must serve them to hamsters in small portions.

Portion control is essential when serving hamsters with strawberries. Similarly, there are few other things to take note of when feeding hamsters with strawberries. 

Ensure that you do not feed your hamster with frozen strawberries containing added sugar; neither should you serve them dried strawberries with added sugar or preservatives.

Make sure that the strawberry you offer to your hamster is fresh; you can also give them dried strawberry without added sugar.

Is Strawberry Right For Hamsters?

The answer is yes because it contains antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, which all boost your hamster’s health. 

Do Hamsters Like Strawberries?

Everyone loves sweet things; hamsters are not an exception to that. So, yes, they love strawberries. However, it is possible that a few hamsters do not love strawberries, but we are yet to see them.

What quantity of Strawberry Can A Hamster Have?

Remember that we said your hamster should only be fed with a small portion of strawberry in little quantity.

Avoid feeding your baby hamster with strawberry at all. But adult hamsters can be provided with one small strawberry, half medium or strawberry, or a quarter of a large strawberry.

Asides from knowing the quantity to serve your hamster, the way you introduce that hamster also matter a lot. You must know how your hamster safely eats strawberry and offers strawberry as one of the first delicacies to your hamster. 

Here are a few tips and guides.

  • If you have never fed your hamster with fruits, you can give them a minimal strawberry quantity (a quarter of a little strawberry). Then you wait for twelve hours and look out for signs of diarrhea in your hamster.
  • If your hamster exhibits diarrhea symptoms as a result of the strawberry, that means they are probably not ready for it. But if your hamster seems fine, then you can increase the serving to half of a small strawberry.
  • If your hamster still feels fine without signs of diarrhea, then you can even give them a whole portion of strawberry the next time again, 
  • However, if you have been feeding your hamsters with other vegetables and fruits before now and they seem fine, you can start by serving them a full portion of strawberry. Then watch out for signs of diarrhea over the next twelve hours. This is because, even though your hamster feels fine eating other fruits, strawberries are quite different and can cause them diarrhea. But, if they seem fine afterward, feel free to include strawberry in your hamster’s regular diet rotation.

At What Rate Can Hamsters Eat Strawberry?

Your hamsters can eat strawberries as much as three times a week. Do not serve your hamster strawberry the same day you give them other sweet treat except the whole portion of the fruits you offer contains small amounts that complement one hamster-sized fruit serving.

It is relatively easy to rotate your hamster’s diet so that they have access to various nutrients over each week. Do not give your hamster strawberry if the hamster is new to the family because they might not have been fed fresh food before. Please give them a healthy start!

You can give such hamsters a tiny portion of cucumber to begin with instead of giving them strawberries or other fruits. About a quarter of cucumber slice will be perfect for the hamster for a start.

Later on, in the next days, you can gradually offer your hamster tiny amounts of veggies and increase the quantity a little on few selected days. This will help their digestive system to adjust and get accustomed to fruits. 

You can then introduce strawberry to your hamster by the second week and slowly include it in their diet if they feel okay with it and do not show diarrhea signs.

The Right Diet Is Vital

Wild Hamsters feed on various foods, and we are sure that they eat strawberries when they see them. Remember that strawberries should only make up a small quantity of your hamster’s diet. You should instead give your hamster pellets that help them complete nutrition. 

You might want to add the following to your hamster’s diet:

  • Clean water
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Chewable treats
  • Limited amount of Fresh Timothy hay

Note that hamsters love to reserve leftovers under their bedding to eat later, so ensure that you remove the leftover so that they do not eat them. This stashed food could harm your hamster because they have lost their freshness.  

Healthy Substitutes to Strawberry  

If you do not want to give your hamster strawberry, you can provide them sweet potato, green beans, baby corn, celery, red lettuce, and many other supplements available.


  • Can my hamster fall sick because they eat strawberries?

Unfortunately, yes, because strawberries can sometimes cause diarrhea to your hamster if they are overfed with it or when it is not introduced correctly.

  • Can hamsters eat strawberry leaves?

The answer is yes, as long as you wash the leaves well. They serve as an excellent nutritional treat too.

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